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The Law firm of Gary Williams, Parenti, Watson & Gary P.L.L.C. is dedicated to giving its clients the best legal representation. Through our team of lawyers and hard-working staff, we focus on developing a solid attorney-client foundation built on faith and perseverance. This team concept enables us to best serve our clients’ needs and attain the most desirable outcome.

Whether it is litigation a complex medical malpractice issue against a well-organized and defended health care organization, an intellectual property or antitrust issue against a corporate giant, doing battle to obtain compensation for the suffering caused by an automobile accident, or negotiating with national commercial enterprises to end discriminatory practices out firm is focused on one sole purpose: finding justice for our clients. As a diverse multi-service law firm, our mission is to protect and defend the rights of the historically powerless and disenfranchised.

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  • Everything was handled so well and felt so easy, although I know it’s not an easy process. From the very beginning Ricky gave me everything I needed with regards to insurance information and getting help from a chiropractor. Ricky made it a point to check in on me periodically and keep me posted on the progress of the case. I was very happy with the resolution. When anyone asks me if I know a lawyer I give them Ricky’s name. Thank you so much!

    Cassandra N.
  • I heard about Ricky through a friend. When I first got his number, I called right away and he was very helpful the whole time. If I had to give him a rating from 1 to 100, I would give him 100! Rick was very respectful, someone that is easy to talk to and relate to. I didn’t have to call, he always kept me informed and everything was right on. I highly recommend him. I feel grateful.

    Temecia O.
  • I was referred to Ricky Armand through a mutual acquaintance. I was overly happy with the resolution. Ricky was always easy to reach and he answered all my questions. As far as the case, I feel it was handled very well. I would definitely refer him to someone else, it was high quality work. I can’t think of anything that could have been improved upon. Ricky and everyone at the firm treated me top rate right from the start.

    Ralph B.
  • Attorney LeRonnie Mason took the time to sit with me and give a complete explanation of all my options. It was a stressful time and I felt overwhelmed. LeRonnie served as my advocate and helped to ease the pain of a very traumatic experience. His care and concern and his skill in the courtroom are unmatched.

    Jennifer G.

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